Life is 50-50

B.Eng. Civil Eng.

Class 2000

High-Rise Project Eng.

GPS Certificate

M.Sc. Construction Management

Class 2007

Real Estate Council of Ontario

Sales Rep.

M.BSc. Building Science

Class 2012


MRP at Ryerson University

Construction Estimating Cert.

Class 2014



It’s never too late to be who you have always wanted to be,

Canadian Construction Industry Review

Canada’s construction industry recorded a weak performance, with its output value dropping from US$294.1 billion in 2014 to US$289 billion in 2015. Factors such as fragile economic conditions, low commodity prices, poor fixed-capital investments and a high rate of...

Understanding Sustainable Construction

Defining sustainable construction “Sustainability” is one of the world’s most talked about but least understood words. Its meaning is often clouded by differing interpretations and by a tendency for the subject to be treated superficially. For most companies,...

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